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As a professional transmission technology research and development and manufacturing and precision injection molding enterprises, in order to survive in today's fierce market competition, only improve the service level of enterprises, solve problems for customers and reduce the procurement cost of customers. With high-quality service, quick response, professional problem-solving ability, stable high-quality standard products, to win customers and win the market.
    The company has extensive experience in precision injection molded parts such as gears, thin-walled parts, micro-products, and high-precision injection molded parts from mold development to injection molding. Make full use of management tools such as SPC to enable customers to deliver high-demand, high-quality, and timely delivery to customers.
    The founders of the company have long served in well-known companies such as Valeo, Magna, Brose, Hella, Philips (in the company to manage projects from these customers), with a very professional knowledge of mold, injection molding, raw materials, quality, etc. Strive to solve the problems faced by customers from pre-development to after-sales service.
    The company is determined to be an excellent supplier of injection molded parts and transmission components in the smart furniture industry, automotive industry, gear transmission industry and medical industry, providing high-precision products that exceed customer requirements. Constantly innovate, innovate technology, and make due contributions to the progress of society's civilization.


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