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What is the detection of gears

Small module gear, spur gear is the actual production and use of one of the most common gear, in use process of the damage is inevitable, so you need to make the new gear as well as with the original, for various reasons of spur gears is unable to provide the required drawings, to ensure the processing of the products can be normal use, to gear accurately surveying and mapping, surveying and mapping work is a complex work, we have gear testing center, the main determination of spur gear, helical gear, worm and internal gear tooth shape, tooth error (adjacent, single, accumulated) and radial runout.

Zssani Transmission has a fully automated precision measuring center for checking cylindrical gear profiles, cutters and shavers, worm and worm gears, hobs, bevel gears, as well as size, shape and position deviations of axisymmetric parts, as well as curve and camshaft and rotor measurements.Adopt four axis linkage measurement technology, suitable for each shape measurement.Automatic technology performs all of the following measurements in one clamp: gear measurement, coordinate point measurement, shape and position measurement, roughness measurement, profile measurement and optical measurement.So that the production out of the gear and the original consistent and good application.



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