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Gear box manufacturer reducer abnormal sound is how to form, how to deal with

In fact, the long-term use of noise reduction machine is normal. I hope that as long as the user deals with these problems, he can prevent further damage to the reducer. Of course, it depends on what kind of reducer and what type of bearing is used.Here can only say that the normal is what problem, speed reducer under the speed of normal wear and tear is one of the largest reducer bearing, bearing ChangYun guild appear different degree of wear and wear will appear clearance, clearance is too large will appear different degrees of different acoustic vibration and impact, how to effectively reduce and reduce noise, will first check the bearing, as long as to solve the problem of the bearing clearance, and sound can eliminate some of the gap is too big, must change the bearing, reducer on the number of broken teeth problems mostly is from inside the bearing clearance is too large to cause reducer parts loose, generally referred to as the string of shaft, causing reducer overall bad.How to correctly adjust the clearance of bearings by ourselves, the effect of dealing with the clearance problem with some theoretical knowledge is not very good, and the best way to deal with the clearance of bearings is to enrich practical experience.To touch, listen, and then you can determine how much clearance, you need to add how much size of attachments, no more no clearance, clearance must be just right, accurate, modest, advised the users here best reducer manufacturers contact with us, we will guide your reducer manufacturers.


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