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What are the categories of plastics?

What is plastic? There are a wide range of plastic products on the market. In fact, plastic is a general term. Today, let's find out what plastic products are.

Classification of plastics


Features: heating and melting, cooling and solidification, injection molding and extrusion molding are commonly used in processing; It can be softened and used repeatedly

Disadvantages: due to melting during pyrolysis, it cannot be used in high temperature environment

The specific materials are as follows:

·Semi crystalline plastics such as nylon (PA), POM, PBT, pet, PP, PE are representative

·Amorphous Plastics: such as ABS, PC, TPE, PPO, PPE, etc

2.thermosetting plastics

Advantages: curing by heating, curing by chemical reaction in high temperature mold; After curing, reheating will not melt; It can be used in high temperature environment

Disadvantages: low reuse rate; When heated for the first time, it can soften the flow and produce chemical reaction when heated to a certain temperature. The change is irreversible

So in most of the injection molding are used in thermoplastic, in general, plastics will add a variety of additives to improve the performance of materials


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