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  • helical gears
helical gears

helical gears

  • Material: nylon /POM/ metal powder metallurgy
  • Number of teeth: custom
  • Modulus: custom
  • Size: Customized
  • Product description: Zhongshan Sani Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in micro gear, helical gear, plastic helical gear, gear processing R & D manufacturing enterprises, the company has gear test

Material: MC nylon, high molecular polyethylene, metal powder metallurgy gear, POM, etc. can be customized

Accuracy: Requirements

Number of teeth: customized

Module (mm): customized

Size: custom made according to drawing and sample

Color: white, green, blue, black, yellow, etc. (customizable)

Calculation formula of standard spur gear:

Addendum circle diameter = module * (number of teeth + 2)

Diameter of dividing circle = module * number of teeth

Helical gear calculation method:

Addendum circle diameter = (module * number of teeth) / cos β + 2 * module

Can customize various specifications of gear, welcome to call sample negotiation

Helical gear

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